Microsoft surface rt review

After a week with the microsoft surface rt I have left with some mixed feelings. Let me start with the stuff I liked. For one thing it looks badass. It is up to par with apple’s ipad design. It looks very high quality, and I love the built in kickstand.

The screen is another great thing. It is a gorgeous 10.6 screen. It is great for watching videos and playing HD games.

Now the cons! This is an rt version which means you are not running the full version of windows 8. The only desktop apps you can run are word, PowerPoint, note, and exel. So, if you are like me you would not be able to get that much work done on it.


It is also extremely slow on opening apps. Even the first party apps like Xbox music take at least 6 seconds to open. Don’t even get me started on the third party apps. The windows store as you probably know is still a work in progress. It will have some of your basic apps and games like angry birds. But, it doesn’t have apps like spotify and flip board which are some of my must need apps.

Also the proccesor is slow compared to other window 8 tablets. For some of the games there are even ocassional stutters.

So, at the end should you get this and is it worth it? If you are looking for a tablet to browse the web, play games, and maybe watch a movie than sure. It is great for little things like that. You can even type up a small paper. But, if you are looking for something that can do that and get work done then I would suggest to spend some extra bucks and get a windows 8 pro tablet.


If you want to see my video review click the link below!


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