Is it to late for Ubuntu to enter the Phone Race?

Ubuntu has recently come out and shown a new OS for phones and tablets. It does look very slick and beautiful but there is one more thing. They are only planning to release it in 2014! Now this makes me and a lot of others think, is it to late? I mean now there is IOS, Android, Windows, and almost BlackBerry 10. Would Ubuntu end up being peoples 5th or 4th choice? For me the more the better. There is always room for more and when more competition greater innovation. So i love the idea of another operating system. No, I do not thing they are to late. If they bring something new and not seen before then there will always be people wanting to try it out. As of now they will have a port of the OS for the Galaxy Nexus, but surprisingly not for the Nexus 4. Before you give up on Ubuntu and say it is to late give there OS a try and who knows it might be the next big thing!


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