Why Root your android device?

I can not tell you how many people a day ask me ” Why should I root my phone?”. Well, the reason i root my phone is to have full customization. What i mean by that is you can almost do any thing you want with it when you root it. You can get rid of ads, you can install updates to your phone that wont be released for a while if at all. You can install custom roms that make your phone faster and have it themed. You can have stock android on your phone.You can overclock it to make games run smoother or you can under clock to get better battery life. The possibilities are endless. Yes, there are some cons to rooting also. When you root you do void your warranty and you have a chance of bricking or breaking your phone.But, there are ways you can avoid it. You can unroot and use an app called triangle away to get your warranty back if something happened. If you pay attention before installing something on your device and make sure it is specifically and only for your android device then you will not be bricked. Your phone or tablet will not break if you are aware and pay attention to what you are doing. So if this sound like something you want to do then go search a guide on how to root your specific device and take your time. Good luck, and have fun!


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