Galaxy S4 Announced “ Next Big Thing?”

The Galaxy S4 was announced about an hour ago and I am here to tell you that I am disappointed. Some of the new specs include a 5 inch1080p screen, 13mp camera, Exynos 5 processor for International version and Snapdragon for the U.S.  Everything that was pretty much expected. Design wise it looks exactly like the S3! You still have that plastic material and it is a little thinner and lighter.


It got some new features like hand gestures and eye gestures. Stuff that you will play with for 5 min and then disable. It is running the latest Android 4.2.2 which means new version of touch wiz. The settings now looks completely different and more complicated to use. The status bar is now transparent and you now have more toggles in your notification drawer. You also have this new health app that measures your steps and etc.. which is apparently a big feature.The camera is supposedly a lot better and now you have some options like taking a picture with the front and back camera at the same time.



At the end it seems like Samsung focused more on features that hardware. That is not bad but being a S3 user like me you probably don’t want your next phone to look just like the one you have now. Most of the new features can probably be added in a software update to your S3. If you are looking to get a new Android phone before you are set on the S4 look around as  there might be some better options. “HTC ONE”    Winking smile





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